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Here are some of the stories of and from our 45th Reunion experiences - things you talked about, people you reconnected with, memories that got jogged.

If in the past four years you’ve remembered something that you’d like to mention, send the item to me. I’ll place it (as long as you give me permission to edit, mainly to fit).

I’ll start. As you will see, it’s kind of a “guy story.” That’s because ist’s being told by a guy. If you want other kinds of stories -


So here’s the story.

One of the people I reconnected with, however briefly, was Bill Freestone. In our senior year Bill arrived at school one day driving a 1932 Cadillac V-12 Roadster - a hugemobile by any measure. It was, as I recall, an open vehicle, and a true touring car. I reminded Bill of that car and of adventures we had in it - just driving it into some of the most inappropriate places - in fields, down dirt paths. It was a wonderful car. I believe that it was one of those cars that you didn’t leave running in a gas station because it would never fill up.

I thought Bill had paid $300 for it. He told me that it had cost him $500 - and that he wished he had that car today.

We also reminisced about Mr. Cowing’s Chemistry class. Ours had 20 people in it - 19 boys and one girl, the long-suffering Elaine Corcoran. The Chemistry room, next to the lab, had 3 or 4 tiers of seats. Elaine, fortunately for her, sat in the seat in the lowest right hand corner, near the door, which was out of missile range. Because you see,  whenever Mr. Cowing turned toward the blackboard, the room instantly resembled a World War I artillery barrage. Everything flew across that room - spitballs, erasers, wads of paper, elastic bands, lunch items. When Mr. Cowing turned back around, everything was sweetness and light - except every now and again when the barrage wasn’t quite finished. Then one or another guy got banished to the chemistry lab - usually a tactical error, since it allowed what you might call unsupervised free-form experimentation. Bill and I were two of the boys in that class, though we never, of course, participated in such foolishness. We were there only to learn and to record events in our memory banks so that we could relate them to later generations.

That’s the sort of thing we related to each other on October 25, 2002.

What about YOU?

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