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Class of 1957


Up on the News Pages as we speak:

Class news - Grammar schools, People news, odd coincidences, in two flavors:

E-mails - We’ve had a few. Also in two flavors:

Belmont and Area news - Nothing recent about Our Dear Town itself, other than Charlotte Long Jensen’s e-mail about the new fire station (in the Current E-mails section). The webmaster has posted an essay about the Harvard Square of yesterday and today that he thought you might find of interest. It’s here.

The Webmaster is starved for additional news of our ol’ home town. So it’s old news you’ll see here. Find something you can use to blow off the cobwebs before you click on this one.

So there’s a message in this! Got news? Personal news? News about a classmate or a near-classmate? Items about Belmont? Send what you have to the
WEBMASTER ! ! ! He will post it on the site as quickly as possible! Nothing sent, nothing posted.


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