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Got some news about yourself? About classmates?

 Send your news to the WEBMASTER. It’ll be posted here. Take a look at the individual pages in this section to see their intent.

We thank our Missing Persons Detectives, especially Serena Strazzulla Greening and Trudi Miller Murphy. A Be a detective your own self!

We have, particularly in the latter part of 2006 and into 2007, had unexpected and very valuable help finding our classmates. It has come from the Classes and 1956 and 1958, particularly from a couple of individuals.

But let Serena Strazzulla Kokjer Greening tell the story. . .

    1/28/07. Ed — you asked for some info about the other classes who are helping us. Ernie Fay and his wife Nancy are from the classes that surround us – 1958 and 1956. They have been enormously helpful in searching the cemetery records in Belmont, Town Clerk’s records and are terrific about taking the time to help us. Here is a typical note from them. Of course, we have tried to assist them if there are siblings in our class.

    There are others who have been helpful from other the surrounding classes as well. I will send you a sample of those emails later.



And here’s what Ernie Fay told Serena on 11/20/06.

    You gotta love cemetery records - amazing how many of our parents/relatives are buried in the Belmont Cemetery.  We always need a signature and we usually get an address so I have located two more of your classmates [Doug Loomer, whom we subsequently found and Catherine Corapi Mulone, whom we have not located. He also helped us through finding, not finding, and finally actually finding Carol Shinay Maguire.]


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