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We will post pictures from the 40th Reunion, the 45th Reunion, from the wayback machine, and from the present day here.

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Just to whet your appetite, here’s a sample of what is or could be inside on those other pages.

It’s a picture from our yearbook. It is from the “Clubs” section. It is, for me, a reminder of what we do and we don’t remember. When I was developing this web site I studied the yearbook for the first time in decades (as opposed to looking in it every now and then for one or another thing). As I passed by this picture, my eye caught the top row - and I was in it! Even though I was alone at the time, I actually shouted, “What? I was in the MATH CLUB?” And it didn’t help to read what the Math Club was about, according to the description:

“Numbers and formulas hold a special fascination for these math sharks. This has been shown as they have mastered the intricacies of the slide rule, visited a Boston engineering firm, and viewed special films on mathematics and engineering.”

I do remember all the math I took at BHS. But math sharks?

What do you remember? Or not?

Ed McDevitt


BHS Math Club

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