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Class of 1957

    45th Reunion

Here are some of the pictures we have of our Reunion in 2002.

The Webmaster asks your indulgence. If I have misidentified you or someone else or have simply failed to identify you or someone else, forgive me. Then send me a correction or fill in some blanks. I do not intend to insult anyone; but some faces I am not putting together with names. If it’s you I’ve misidentified - or not identified at all - just remember that you see you in the mirror every day, so you have a better than even chance of identifying yourself. I see me every day and correctly identify myself 3 times out of 4.

I will rotate pictures periodically, so some will disappear for a time, then reappear. Have fun with them.

On with the show . . .

Our Host - Fred Haggerty

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45th - Our Host smaller
45th - Ellen, Ann, Beth, Patty smaller a

Ellen Aikenhead Stevens, Ann Reischauer Heinemann, Beth Hooper Noland, Patty Hurlbut Williams

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45th - Joe, Elvis, Fred smaller

Joe DiNunzio, Elvis and Fred

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“The Women, George Gordon & the Lurker”

has been moved to the 40th Reunion Pictures page

45th - Wayne, Winni, Joan, Sam, Ed, Judy, Dorothy, Mary Ellen smaller

(Clockwise) - Wayne Paskerian, Winni Branch Paskerian, Joan Sullivan Smith, Sam Smith, Ed McDevitt, Judy McDevitt, Dorothy Stoneman,
Mary Ellen Rigano (back to camera)

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45th - Kales and Watson

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Dave Kales & Alec Watson, who clearly were plotting something and are doing a bad job of denying it.

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