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Class of 1957

   50th Committee

Our Half-Century Team includes Winni Branch Paskerian, Dee (Dolores Karyanis) Davenport, Fred Haggerty, Mike Mayo, Ed McDevitt, Wayne Paskerian, Serena Strazzulla Kokjer-Greening, Bill Stoneman, Linda Waddell Brian, and Audrey Whalen Caulfield.

Here are some of them working their fingers to the bone for you.

50th Reunion Committee 1 adjusted

Lois Haggerty, Fred Haggerty, Winni Paskerian, Wayne Paskerian

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50th Reunion Committee 7 adjusted

Linda Waddell Brian and Bill Stoneman

50th Reunion Committee 4 adjusted

Audrey Whalen Caulfield and Lois Haggerty

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