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     Belmont Memories

This page will contain photos of Belmont as we knew it. How extensive this section becomes depends upon what gets sent to the webmaster. So look in your closets, your stored photo shoeboxes, your albums. Scan them, send them in and we’ll put them up.

A B & M Steam Train over Belmont Center - December, 1955

Belmont Center Railroad Bridge 1257 Ted O'Connell smaller

Photo provided by Ted O’Connell from Images of America: Belmont, A pictorial history of the Town from 1859-1959, © Belmont Historical Society

Note the Danielson’s Food Store (Arlington, it says) truck going toward and the 1950 Chevrolet Coupe coming from the Center.

We’re working on removing the folds from the image.


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“The Barn” Interior (when it was called The Strand)

Interior Strand Theater 1940s or 1950s Ted O'Connell smalller

Photo provided by Ted O’Connell from a post card photograph

Hopalong Cassidy, Tom Mix, Lash LaRue, and my shoes sticking to the floor.


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“The Barn” Exterior (after name change to Studio Cinema)

Exterior Studio Cinema Ted O'Connell smaller

Photo provided by Ted O’Connell, source unknown

“Strand Theater” changed its name to “Studio Cinema” in 1965, according to Ted. This photo was taken, probably, in or after 1972, since the only likely “Emma” (out of many movies of that title) was a British art film of that year.

Call it what they might, it was and still is: “The Bahn.”


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