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Class of 1957


This is the memorial page for our classmates who have died. Since we don’t know the dates upon which each of them passed away, we are not showing any dates.

We miss every one of them.

Ellen Aikenhead Stevens

Robert Lussier

Dorothy Cahill

Ann Manfredi

Anne Cain

John McBride

Louis Centore

Florence Millett Farrell

Marion Ciommo

John O’Connor

Christy Cogan

Joanne Oliveri

Mary Coluccio LaSpada

Joanne Parks Miller

Joan Fisher

Herbert Payonzeck

David Gerace

Joan Purdy

Joseph Gerace

Robert Reardon

Susan Gordon

Richard Rigano

Joyce Healy Downer

Nancy Simpson Porter

Joan Holle

Joanne Spadaro McCaleb

Nancy Jaynes

Carol Talerico

Gretchen Kramer Murphy

Edward Tirrell

James Looney

Paul Wasser

Donald West

If you know of any whom we have not listed, please let us know so that we may commemorate them here.

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Updated August 30, 2007


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