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Some amazing memories are welling up as we get closer to our 50th Reunion. Here are some some from our more recent news.

Ann Reischauer Heinemann

Ann tells us of finding Dorte Rasmussen Griswold. Fred Haggerty reflects on this event.

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Bill Freestone

Bill frightens us with a reminiscence of racing a train.

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Also, a covered wagon showed up in Belmont Center recently and caused quite a stir. The story somehow makes me think that this guy should have been driving that wagon on the dirt roads around Kendall School.

And, as is inevitable, we have ongoing news of the losses of classmates, which you can see here.

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Note: A section with e-mails about Mrs. Hornsey and Mr.Nagle is here

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Ann Reischauer Heinemann on Self
Ann Reischauer Heinemann on Dorte
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