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    Grammar Schools

In our time Belmont had six grammar schools. That’s a remarkable number by today’s standards, particularly since the population of the town was (and remains) about 25,000.

Of the six schools then, three remain. Here’s how things have changed.

  • Mary Lee Burbank School still stands (in altered form) and is a current grammar school, but is K-4. You can read a history of the school and perhaps convey some of your own memories to the school.
  • Daniel Butler School still stands and is a current grammar school. The Butler web page on the Belmont Schools site does not contain a history of the school (an opportunity for someone who wants to write one). It is a K-4 school also.
  • Winthrop L. Chenery School was razed many years ago. The name was transferred to what was our Junior High School, which is now the Winthrop L Chenery Middle School (grades 5-8).
  • Joshiah S. Kendall School was converted to a community center many years ago. The building burned to the ground a few years back. The site is now vacant.
  • Payson Park School apparently burned down many years ago.
  • Winn Brook School still stands (in substantially altered form) and is a current grammar school, K-4. This school’s web site contains a short history of Winn Brook School (which could easily be supplemented).

The fourth current grammar school in Belmont is the Roger Wellington Elementary School, which occupies the site of our High School, and includes some of the physical plant of the old school.

In addition, several of our classmates attended St. Luke’s School from K-8, joining us at Belmont Junior High School in 9th Grade in 1954. We have included a page for St. Luke’s here as well.

For purposes of displaying grammar school class pictures each school now has its own page:

Mary Lee Burbank
Daniel Butler
Winthrop L. Chenery
Josiah S. Kendall
Payson Park
Winn Brook
St. Luke’s School

A note on the class picture captions: You will note that most, if not all, of the photo legends have “?” as a common entry. This means that so far we can’t identify (after 55 or 60 years) who the folks in those spaces are. If you can fill in some of the blanks, please contact the Webmaster with your contributions. Same with corrections. You will also note that some photos have no captions. If you can provide some, please do - same contact. Thanks.

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