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Class of 1957

     Missing People

If you know the whereabouts, address, telephone, or e-mail address of any of the following classmates, please send what you know to Serena Strazzulla Greening or to Trudi Miller Murphy or to Ed McDevitt (the Webmaster)

It is disappointing, but despite our steadily chipping away at this list and the success we’ve had in locating classmates, we actually had to add names in August, 2007 because the Reunion invitations we sent to some people were returned “addressee unknown.” The newly missing include Ellena Barbo O’Toole, Paul Karplus and Pat Picariello Borello. If you know current addresses for any of them, please let one of our class detectives (above) know.

Donald Allison

Kenneth Costello

John Orsini

Gail Anderson Garrett

Mark Grady

Pat Picariello Borello

Richard Bailey

Richard Harding

Helga Reimann

Eleanor Baker

Paul Karplus

Susan Rogers

Ellena Barbo O’Toole

Irwin Katz

Judy Rose

Lorraine Bowren

Jean Kerrigan

Marcia Rose

Constance Briasco

Judith King

Robert Sawyer

Carol Burke

Philip Marchant

Judith Walsh

Robert Caruso

Carol Mercer

Dorothy Young Thomas

Marilyn Cook

Edward Moulton


Updated 10/13/07


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