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I have been telling people, to their increasing boredom, about the uniqueness of our web site. It’s not a question of bragging. It’s more a sort of bemusement. I would expect there to be many other such sites out there by now, but I’m not finding them.

I’m not talking about the sites offered by High School class web site hosting vendors such as those proferred by ClassReport.Org. Those are all nice, but purely vanilla, cookie-cutter sites. They are pseudo-personal.

No, I’m talking about sites that try to reflect the lives people lived as they grew up, as we are trying to do with our site. At the very least, I’d like to see sites that have a personal touch even if they are simply listing classmates who are still around, who are missing, or who have died.

I have found a couple like that. Strangely enough, they’re both BHS sites.

One is from the Class of 1950 and was started and is maintained by Joe Nix, who grew up in the Belmont schools, went to Harvard, and now lives in Missouri. In the few days we have been corresponding, Joe has added a former classmate (Phil Conaty, who did not graduate with us, having left in 1955) to our list and has sent valuable information on finding techniques and possible links to certain of our missing classmates. Joe’s site is different from ours, but it is personal and interesting.

The other, from the Class of 1981, was put together by Clyde Lovett, who lives currently in the state of Washington. This class just celebrated their 25th reunion, Like our site, this one has photos from grammar school days and photos from reunions, Clyde has also posted a class address list. This is something we could do, but I’ve been reluctant to do it because of privacy concerns. I’m still thinking about it. But I digress. Clyde also provides an e-mail “list” forum for people to use for conversing, a place to post personal photos,  and a mailing list.

Take a look. In both cases you might see names you recognize - or even will be able to supply information on the whereabouts of their missing classmates.


Another BHS Web Site is up! I got a note from Bill Clark, BHS59. Here’s what he said:

    Hi Ed,

    I'm Bill Clark, class of 1959. Sue [Orowan] Martin suggested I look at your site to get some ideas. Nice site! I just put ours up last week, and I have a long way to go re content. But I've already found some old friends (like Sue) and I'm having a great time.

    A major reason for our site is to try to find some missing mates, so I'd like it to pop up on Google. To that end, would you be willing to add us to your links? We're at:


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