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   Our Wayback

We have some newspaper articles from the wayback.

1. Your Webmaster found some clippings from the June 6, 1957 Belmont Herald. We have the permission of the current owner, The Belmont Citizen-Herald, to publish the articles in those clippings.

Please note that I’ve done some work - and had work done - on the digital images of the 1957 clippings, making them more readable, but couldn’t clear all the damage away - just most of it.

Both Herald articles were written for the Herald by Lois Ginsburg (now Lois Ginsburg Pines). The first one describes our graduation. The second article is the last “High School Hi-Lights”about our class

2. Jo Lerro O’Neil found a 1961 Belmont Citizen article about Mrs. Hornsey’s retirement from Belmont High school. It was reprinted from the Belmont High School Star. It is below the “High School Hi-Lights” article.

Article One: Our Graduation

Belmont_Herald_BHS57_Graduation_Story_Front_Page_Ginsburg_060657_enhanced_copy smaller
belmont_herald_bhs57_graduation_story_page_2_ginsburg_060657 copy2 smaller


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Article Two: Our Last Week’s “Hi-Lights”

high_school_highlights_belmont_herald_0657_enhanced_copy smaller02


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High_School_Highlights_Last_Column_Belmont_Herald_0657_enhanced_copy smaller02

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Mrs. Hornsey Retirement Article 1961 smallest contrast adjusted


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