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     Personal Memories

Here we’ll post pictures that you wish to share from the earliest years to the present. Of course, we’ll include discussion of who is in the pictures, what the photos (and people) might have meant then and what they might mean now.

This is not a passive exercise. You can submit pictures, add thoughts on pictures that are here, tell stories the pictures bring out of you memories. Go ahead. Tell us.

Butler School Boy Scout Troop Dance, probably 1950

George Alcock 6th Grade Boyscout Troop Dance cropped

Photo submitted by George Alcock with this note:

The Butler School Boy Scout troop had a 6th grade dance. Shown going to the dance in this picture are: front row (L to R) Connie Gifford (she later moved to Washington State, dad was with Atomic Energy Commission) and Polly O'Hara (whose mom was an early grade teacher at Butler). Back row (L to R) are Glenn Ruiz, David Hoyt and George Alcock.


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