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Class of 1957

     Yearbook Memories

Here we’ll have a rotating series of pictures from our yearbook, along with some discussion of who is in the pictures, what the photos (and people) might have meant then and what they might mean now.

This is not a passive exercise. You can suggest picture additions, add thoughts on pictures that are here, tell stories the pictures bring out of you memories. Go ahead. Tell us.

The Yearbook Dedication Page

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The Class Members

Alec Watson

Ed Stevens

Dave Kales

Kelvin MacDonald

Sue Gordon

Joan Sullivan

Carol Kreuz

Jack O’Brien

Natalie Johnson

Nancy Olson

Carol Turran

Eleanor Harian

Nancy Simpson

Priscilla Allen

Mrs. Hornsey

Anne Donahue

Judy Tuttle

Some of us were discussing this photo, particularly the experience of being in Mrs. Hornsey’s English classes - such things as how she wanted us to pronounce the word abdomen as “ab-DO-men.” She told us, in one of those strange moments some of us always remember, that “When Mr. Hornsey died, I allowed myself the luxury of tears.” Only later did we realize how much the performer she really was. She was formidable, larger than life in some ways.

Ed McDevitt says of her:

    Oddly, a year or two after we graduated, I ran into her at a donut shop near the Fresh Pond Circle. I identified myself (she did not remember me), and talked with her for a few minutes. It was odd that, at least to me, she was no longer larger than life. She was simply older, a normal older person (rather like we all are now)

Jack O’Brien says:

    Ed.  My recollection of Mrs. Hornsey is her telling us the correct
    pronunciation of the word hospitable is HOSpitable, not hoSPITable, because
    you never spit in a hospital.  I know I got a lot more than that out of her
    class but that stands out to this day.

Judy Cohen Leader says:

    One memory I have of Mrs. Hornsey is her insistence that, while she was teaching us the CORRECT pronunciation of words (you mentioned abDOmen!), that we should always remember to be polite and not correct our elders.

    She related the story that in her youth she had corrected a minister about some word pronunciation (or maybe it was something else---who can remember details like that?), and she was insistent that she was right.  She soon learned that indeed she was wrong, and did she regret what she had done!  I do remember that she was one of the best teachers we had in high school.

An article commemorating Mrs. Hornsey’s retirement is on the Wayback News page.

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Mr. Nagle


Here’s an e-mail we’ve received lately about Mr. Nagle:

    One of the many things Sam Smith & I talk about is when Pop Nagle lectured to us that in life you find "well-wishers, acquaintances perhaps-- but not friends". We couldn't understand why he was trying to destroy our faith, just as it was being born! We still can't. Does anyone else remember his speech-- or was it a nightmare?

    Billy Stoneman

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